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About Us

Experience Baires, also known as EXBA, is a hospitality and travel tech startup based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our mission is to connect guests with local hosts offering bespoke experiences and accommodation options, providing an online platform that offers a seamless personalized customer service. We facilitate the immersion of guests into local culture and the promotion of local businesses, integrating them into the experience economy. Our products include food and wine tours, guided sightseeing, walking and city tours, outdoor and nature experiences, sports and entertainment, and tango classes and shows. Our platform caters to last-minute bookers, solo travelers, small groups, and digital nomads and techies. We strive to guarantee end-to-end customer service, customization, personalization, and a seamless user experience. We are committed to building the most reliable experience and accommodation marketplace for guests and hosts in Argentina, expanding to other regions of the country in the near future. Join us in the journey of experiencing the true essence of Buenos Aires.