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About Us

Experience Baires was born in 2019 under the name of San Telmo Experience as a digital startup that offers local immersion experiences within the porte├▒o neighborhood of San Telmo. At the beginning of 2020, the name changed to Experience Baires to reflect its expansion in the province of Buenos Aires. In addition to excursions, EXBA seeks to offer accommodation options, coworking and networking spaces for digital nomads (coming soon!), travelers and entrepreneurs from Argentina and the world. As providers of experiences, our purpose is based on building a platform that offers different services that facilitate the integration and immersion of travelers in the Argentinean and Buenos Aires local culture. For this reason, we want to promote the connection and exchange between our guests and visitors with local people and businesses. We do this through excursions, tours and personalized visits, as well as other cultural and leisure activities, and in conjunction with residences or colivings that promote the creation of communities and social links between guests and the city that hosts them.