Architecture in Buenos Aires

Architecture in Buenos Aires One of the first things you will notice when walking around Buenos Aires is its eclectic architecture. Spanish, French, and Italian influences are clearly visible. This variety makes Buenos Aires a must-visit for anyone who loves architecture. Buenos Aires is home to many different styles, but…

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Argentine Music: More than Tango 🎤🎶

Argentine Music: More than Tango Within music, Argentina is most famous for tango. However, Argentina has a number of other styles of music that became popular world-wide. Let’s talk a little bit about tango and these other music styles, which include Argentinian rock, Argentinian folklore, and cumbia villera. First, a…

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How to get around Buenos Aires? 🚌

How to get around Buenos Aires If you’re from Europe, learning Argentina’s public transportation system probably won’t be an issue. But if you’re from North America or Australia where public transportation is less common and less frequently used, then you’ll want some tips.  The public transportation system includes buses, trains,…

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