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Things to do in Buenos Aires

Things to do in Buenos Aires.

Coming to Buenos Aires for a couple weeks or even a month? Here are some ideas for things to do. The city of Buenos Aires certainly has enough to do to fill up someone’s month! 

First you have the cultural attractions. Buenos Aires has many museums and theaters. There are museums on art, history, science, culture, and even boat and street museums. You should be able to find a museum that you’re interested in going to. And as for theaters, while Buenos Aires has many, the one you just can’t miss is the Teatro Colón, one of the most famous theaters in the world for its acoustics which hosts orchestras and other theatrical productions. Also, a number of its movie theaters are in old or interesting buildings. If you need a break from the cement of the city, there are various parks, many of which have historical monuments.You also can’t talk about culture without mentioning tango: some places offer classes in English and a number of places offer tango shows. There are many tours in the city and they often stop near many of these places. Check for bilingual tours if your Spanish isn’t good as they are common.

To some people, half the point of traveling is tasting the food. If you’re only here for a week, be sure you get in a coffee and medialunas breakfast or lunch, try out some pastries during merienda (tea time), and eat an asado (grilled meat, look for a parilla) for dinner. Another must-have is the fugazzeta: pizza with lots of cheese and onions which commonly comes in a filled variant (two layers of pizza crust and two layers of cheese) and the option to add ham. If you’re here longer, you can try out some of the international cuisine that you may not be able to access in your home country as Buenos Aires is an international city. In Experience Baires’ gastronomic immersion tour you’ll eat some essential Argentine cuisine and learn more about it!  

This should get you started. Hope you enjoy your stay!