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In Experience Baires-EXBA, we provide personalized experiences catered to small groups. In our experiences, we connect you with Buenos Aires landmarks, food, wine, history, and more, so you can grasp an authentic feeling of local culture.

Buenos Aires Gastronomic Immersion

This gastronomic experience consists of a 3 to 4-course menu of classic Argentine cuisine. We will make a stop at a different restaurant or bar per meal. The menu includes picada, empanadas, steak, a variety of drinks, and much more! As immigration was fundamental for the development of "porteños" identity, Mediterranean culinary elements are found everywhere on Argentine food tables. Other stops also include a Notable Bar and Argentine classic courses in the San Telmo gastronomic area and its surroundings.

Discover Buenos Aires' essentials through the lens of San Telmo

This neighborhood gathers Buenos Aires' history in a nutshell. We will embark on a journey tracing us back to almost 500 years ago. Starting from the very foundation of Buenos Aires, you will travel through its periods of both grandeur and decadence, up to its current transformation in the context of globalization. Plus, we also include local food & drinks on this tour!

Introduction to Argentine wine culture

Welcome to Argentina, the land of the finest wine in the Americas! We want to invite you to this unique experience where you will taste authentic Argentine wine in a cozy, intimate winery. In this experience, we are reserving a private winery for you. With the help of our team and a seasoned sommelier of the house, you will learn the fundamentals of Argentine wine. You will taste a variety of local wine varietals, along with the perfect food pairing, to enhance this sensorial experience.

Custom City Tour

Explore the vibrant city of Buenos Aires on a comprehensive tour with private transport. See iconic landmarks such as the Obelisk and the Teatro Colon, stroll through the colorful neighborhoods of San Telmo and La Boca, and learn about the rich history and culture of Argentina's capital.

Parana Delta Adventure

Welcome to the Paraná Delta! We invite you to discover the wilderness of this area as a true "isleño" or islander. And who are "isleños"? These are the people who inhabit the islands across the Delta. They navigate back and forth from the islands to the land to supply themselves with goods, to then come back to their lush homes. Our main destination is Tres Bocas, a small island that is a popular resting place for locals and visitors alike. Here you will enjoy the nature trails, the flora and fauna, as well as have drinks to rest and chill out.

Enjoy a rural lifestyle and a vineyard in a Buenos Aires' farm

Are you looking for a rural experience near Buenos Aires? Come visit a boutique vineyard just 65 km from the Capital. Casa Gamboa hosts 5 hectares of vine production, and it's equipped with a wine cellar and a countryside restaurant. They grow Malbec, Pinot noir, and Cabernet Franc varietals. We begin with a guided tour of the estate and its wine-making process. You will also taste wine and food pairings, followed by a 4-course lunch based on a sampling gourmet menu, which includes picada (starter), full course, multiple garnishes, and dessert. Wine, coffee, and water are also included.

Intimate Tango Experience

Are you a Tango lover or enthusiast? Get immersed into the melancholic embrace of Tango culture. Come to a private lesson instructed by pro Tango dancers who are embedded in this cultural scene. Learn the basics and beyond of Tango dancing, discover intimate milongas and tango parlors, and dive deep into this mysterious yet profound dance.


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